If you are trying to make a booking request but are unable to progress then here are some of the reasons as to why this may be happening.

Are you logged in? 

If not, please click HERE to be taken to the LOG IN page. 

Has your driving licence been verified yet?

Make sure you have supplied your DVLA check code so a member of the team can verify your driving history. If you have not done this yet, you can get your check code HERE. We also require a Selfie with your driving licence which can be emailed to support@hiyacar.co.uk or uploaded directly in a Live Chat conversation. 

Have you passed our identity and address checks?

During the booking process we run strict identity and address checks so our Hiya Owners have peace of mind that the requests are coming from real individuals. Please contact support@hiyacar.co.uk if you are seeing an error message stating that your account could not be verified and a member of the team will look into this for you. 

Payment details must be registered to the address you have given

Your payment details must be registered to the same address that you have entered into your MY DETAILS section. This is a security measure to help prevent fraudulent transactions. 

Are you requesting a car outside of your insurance group?

Due to insurance restrictions, you need to be a certain age to drive some of our cars and this is worked out by the insurance group of the car. The insurance group is clearly visible on the car's profile page. 

Drivers aged between 25 and 35 will be restricted to cars based on insurance group. If you are under 35 you can drive city hatchbacks or MPV's up to group 30 or cars in other categories up to group 19 (so any cars in the exec/saloon, sport/convertible, 4x4 or estate categories).

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