As part of our mission to change the way people use cars, we want to reward our community of owners and drivers who use our service regularly and go that extra mile to give a great experience on their hiyas.

As a Top Owner you’ll stand out in our community with a special badge on your profile and we’ll actively promote your car. Our Top Owners also receive 80% of the rental fee! This is in addition to the many exclusive benefits and offers that we will reward you whilst you continue to share and hire cars with us.

What you need to join our group of Top Owners🏆:

  • Accept 60% of booking requests
  • Have 300 miles as the daily miles limit
  • Leave a review on at least 50% of your bookings

Here are some top tips 💪 to help you get your Top Owner badge:

  • Apply for a QuickStart® box - our QuickStart technology enables you to accept more bookings as you don’t physically have to be there for key handover. 
  • Keep your calendar up to date so you only receive requests you can accept - declined and expired bookings will negatively impact your score
  • Share my car letters - request these at so you can post them to your neighbours and let them know they can hire your car
  • Leave a review on your bookings to let drivers know about your experience 🚙

Here is how you update your calendar in app. 

If you have any questions you can always get in touch with us via our Chat facility and we will happily help you get the Top Owner badge you deserve!

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