At hiyacar, we wanted to support our NHS workers by helping them get to and from work safely. From seeing reports on social media and the news, NHS workers were scared of using public transport and they didn't want to get infected or infect others.

With the help of some of our car owners we have managed to waive the car rental fee on a selection of cars in London, such as cars situated near St Marys, Charing Cross and Queens Hospitals.

To take us up on this offer you need to sign up and complete your profile. We will run our standard verification checks to confirm you are eligible to be insured. Then open a live chat conversation with the team and upload your NHS ID and we can then apply your discount.

The car rental fee will be waived but insurance is still payable at the checkout.

Cars can be hired for 1 hour up to 10 days at a time.

On the website, the eligible cars will have a blue NHS logo visible.

Offer is valid until 31.06.2020

If you have any problems or questions at all then please open a live chat conversation to talk to a member of the team.

Thank you for all your incredible work and we really hope we can get you to and from work safely.

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