Before you can hire a car you must sign up or login on the website and enter your information in the PROFILE tab. From there you can follow to process to hire a car. 

Once your personal information is completed, you will then need to make sure that you have added your DVLA check code to your profile so we can verify your driving history and activate your account. We will also need a selfie of you with your driving licence and pictures of the front and back of your licence.

A member of the team will notify you as soon as your account is active advising you that you can now request cars. 

Simply enter your location into the search box on the homepage and all the cars in your area will appear, allowing you to find the right car for your journey. 

Please book as far in advance as you can, ideally giving at least 24 hours notice, so our Owners have time to respond to your request and get the car ready. 

Payment is pre-authorised and only taken when an Owner accepts your booking. 

When this happens, you will receive an electronic Hiya Agreement with the Hiya Owner's details, the booking information plus you will need to enter the condition of the car and e-sign just before you receive the keys. 

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