Sharer/Driver Lateness Policy

We encourage Hiya Drivers and Hiya Owners to get in touch with each other directly to ensure a smooth rental process, especially at the beginning or end of a booking. You can do this through the "Messages" tab.

However, in the absence of communication from the late party and/or consent, the waiting member is entitled to enforce the points of this lateness policy. 

If a Hiya Driver is more than 15 minutes late to return the car and keys, the Hiya Owner must extend the booking (at the driver’s expense) until the vehicle is returned to the Hiya Owner. The cost of the extension will include the hourly rate set by the Hiya Owner, insurance and the £3 booking fee. If a Hiya Driver is more than 30 minutes late and has not informed the Hiya Owner then the Hiya Driver will also be charged late fees (see below.) The Hiya Owner is entitled to booking revenue (if any) resulting from the extension. 

Additionally, if reasonable attempts have not been made to inform both the Hiya Owner and hiyacar of the late return, the Hiya Driver will be charged for the amount of extra time they have used the car (hourly rental rate based on which car they have hired), a £25 administration fee + £25 per hour late fee, they may also be banned from the service. The amount payable to the Hiya Owner is at the discretion of hiyacar and reviewed per event.

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