All Penalty Charge Notices such as congestion charge fines, parking tickets and speeding fines are the responsibility of the driver. 

If you receive a PCN through the post all you need to do is see the section on the letter that advises what to do if your car was on hire. The usual advice is to tick a box confirming the car was on hire, include a copy of the Hiya Agreement as evidence and to show the drivers details and then post back. The fine will then be transferred over to the driver.

If your appeal is rejected, please contact us on our Live Chat or by email at with a copy of the original PCN and the rejection letter attached. You will be advised to pay the fine directly and once you’ve sent us the proof of receipt we will invoice the driver responsible and then reimburse you for the payment.

Important: Please note that the hirer will only be liable for the original fine. Neither hiyacar or the driver will be responsible for any increase in fines due to negligence on behalf of the owner. i.e. failing to provide original/rejection notices to hiyacar at the time they were received.

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