How to find a QuickStart™ car

QuickStart™ cars will be shown in 'map' view in our app as yellow to make them easy to spot when you are in a rush.

How to book a QuickStart™ car?

Booking is nice and easy. Simply tap on the car you like and hit the 'Request' button if you are happy with the price. You can also tap on the 'Vehicle Summary' and the 'Pickup Location' for more information.

Picking up my QuickStart™ car

When your booking is close you will receive a notification from us, just as a reminder. If you are organised, you will already be en route to the address which is great 👍. When you get to the car for the first time simply go to your 'Bookings' in the app, open and confirm you are at the 'Pickup location'.

You will then be prompted to confirm the condition of the car. If this is the car's first time on hire you will need to take pictures as requested. If not, you will simply be asked to confirm that the pictures show the car's current condition. If you do not agree with anything, do not worry, you can simply add a new picture if there is a new scratch for example. 

The exciting bit....

Now you have confirmed the exterior of the car, you will be able to download your 'virtual key' which will unlock the car. Remember to turn on your bluetooth 👍

Once you are in, you just need to take a picture of the interior, the fuel level and enter the mileage....then away you go 🚙

Dropping the QuickStart™ car back

Once you have finished with your rental, return the car with the same amount of fuel and in the same lovely condition. Open up the booking again in the app and tap 'End the booking and lock your car'. Make sure you have removed your belongings and if your car needed a 'dead key' to start then please return that to the glovebox. Once the car is locked you will not be able to reopen it. You will need to take brand new pictures of the car just to make sure no new damage occurred during your hire.

Once the pictures have been taken, 'Tap to lock the car' and that's it...hassle free hiring. 🎉

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