QuickStart™ is our new amazing technology. By installing a QuickStart™ box into your car, our community of vetted hirers are able to securely book, unlock and start your car with their phone. 

How do I get a box?

We will need your spare key fob to work our magic and create your own bespoke QuickStart™ box. We can pick this up in person. To arrange that click the button below. Your spare key fob will be disabled whilst the technology is in your car.

So how do I accept a Booking? 

As QuickStart™ is a new release, owners will still receive bookings request via push notification, SMS and / email. Simply confirm the booking and sit back in the knowledge that you have just Monetized Your Motor™. 

How is the car condition confirmed at the start and end of the hire?

This is all performed in the app. The Hiya Driver is presented with images of the cars condition when they open the booking on their phone and approach the car. If they notice that something is different, such as a scratch, they can add an additional image. 

When a hiya has ended, Hiya Drivers need to take pictures using their live camera so we can see if any new damage has occurred. Again this is performed in the app once the press the 'End Booking' button.

Is it safe?

Installing a QuickStart™ box is actually safer than a traditional key handover. For instance:

  • Virtual keys that are sent to hirers phones are encrypted 
  • Virtual keys will only work on that one device
  • The phone communicates with the QuickStart box via bluetooth which is low frequency so hirers need to be very close to the car
  • hiyacar can revoke virtual keys if we need to
  • hiyacar can lock the doors and disable the ability to start the engine if we need to
  • The boxes include GPS tracking

Benefits of QuickStart™ for Hiya Owners

  • Hassle free as you do not need to be present to hand over the keys 🔑
  • Extra safe with lots of added security features 🔒
  • More money for you as you can accept more bookings 💰
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