Terms & conditions are usually long, boring and sometimes scary as you are never quite sure what you have signed up for, so as we are partners let's try and keep this simple. 

Below are our standard charges - Do ask us if we have any offers around free installation.

Installation of QuickStart box: £150
Loss of QuickStart box: £200
Removal of QuickStart box from car: £150 (Free if had £1000 worth of bookings prior)
Reinstallation (due to tampering): £100

What do I need to know?

🤝 As a partner, we are in this together so we will only enforce any of the charges if we really have to. 

🛠 Don't tamper with it once it has been installed as it would have been fitted by our trained engineers. 

🤓 Don't try and copy the device as there are lots of patents around it and has taken many years to develop.

🔍 The QuickStart boxes come with active GPS but we will only look at the location of your car on your request whilst on hire and will never sell your data.

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