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QuickStart® - For Owners

Keyless technology for your car

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QuickStart® is our amazing keyless technology that is powered by Continental. Once we plug our technology into your car you will see benefits including:

  • 💰More booking requests as drivers enjoy the speed of keyless entry

  • ⚡️Option to unlock Instant Book for the ultimate lightening fast experience for drivers

  • 👀Greater visibility as QuickStart® cars appear higher in our search results

  • 🔒Safety features including GPS tracking of your car, facial recognition of the driver during the booking and virtual keys that can be revoked at anytime by hiyacar

  • ✨Less hassle as you do not need to meet the drivers if you don’t want to

How do I get a box?

We will need your spare key fob to work our magic and create your own bespoke QuickStart® box. Your key will be returned in a deactivated state so is safe to leave in the glovebox if your car has a turn key ignition.

We can now have your QuickStart box built and installed all within 90 minutes!

Wow, how? I hear you say..Well see the 3 simple steps below:

  • Our engineer will come to your car location to collect your central locking key

  • Build your QS box in our swanky new van outside your house

  • Install your box and then drive off into the sunset 🌅

 🏙 Currently QuickStart® is available for cars in London, Greater London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Oxford and Brighton. We will also consider your application if you live in an urban centre and you are listing a city car, 7 seaters or a van. If you are planning to buy a car for the purpose of renting on Hiyacar, please check whether or not your model is compatible first.

Common Questions 

How much does it cost?
If your vehicle is inside Greater London, there is a non-refundable £30 upfront cost when booking the installation and then £15 a month after the first month. With no cancelation or removal fee.

If you are outside Greater London, there is a non-refundable £180 upfront cost when booking the installation and then £15 a month after the first month. With a free cancelation and a £120 deinstallation fee.

Is QuickStart safe?  
Yes. In fact it is much safer than a key handover as our verified drivers need to pass our live facial recognition process to pick up the car and submit condition pictures of the car before they can download the encrypted virtual key. The key will then talk to the box using LE Bluetooth and can be revoked by hiyacar at any time if we ever needed too. The boxes are also equipped with GPS tracking. 

How will I know if my car is back?
Verified drivers will return the car to the same location and take live pictures of the cars condition. These pictures will be sent to you in an email.

Can I still meet the driver?
Of course. QuickStart gives you the option to not be present if you do not want too or if you are busy but feel free to say hiya to the driver.

Will QuickStart affect my warranty?
No. QuickStart is not considered a modification or enhancement and is completely reversible.

Can I get my key back if I need to?
Yes we can uninstall the box and put your key back together again.

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