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Owners: 6 Responsibilities ON PICK UP
Owners: 6 Responsibilities ON PICK UP

I’m handing over my car keys to a driver -- what are my duties as a business partner of hiyacar?

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QuickStart owners can read points 4-6 and the last paragraph, or click here for more helpful information.

Because you are a trusted business partner of hiyacar, we have a common customer--the driver! Here’s 6 easy steps to follow on pick up that can help make the process smoother for everybody:

👮‍♂️1. Check the driver's licence to ensure the person picking up the car has the same details as the person who booked the car. It is unlawful for anyone not on the booking confirmation to drive the car as they will not be insured. You can send a message to the driver to remind them to bring their licence on the day of pick-up.

❌2. Owners should refuse to hand over the keys if the driver does not bring their verified drivers’ licence. You can get in touch with us in the help section of the app if you have any questions.

📷3. Ensure the driver completes the pick up process within the app. The photos taken by the driver are sent to you by email and to hiyacar. This gets everyone on the same page as to the vehicle’s condition, mileage, and fuel level.

🚙4. Let the driver know if there is anything they should know about the car (pairing their phone, using the infotainment system, etc.)

⛽5. Remind the driver to bring the car back with the same amount of fuel (and where the nearest petrol station and car wash might be and opening hours). It’s often easier for drivers if the tank is already full.

⏰6. Let the driver know if the car is available for an extension or whether there is a booking immediately afterwards.

Many owners help drivers plan their journey by messaging drivers via the hiyacar app about duties 4-6 before the booking starts (a day prior is often most helpful). Click here to see what else you can do to prevent any issues.

For owners with QuickStart (which makes pickup self-serve):

⚡Meeting the driver is not required if a QuickStart box is installed. The hiyacar app takes the driver through the pickup process--that’s duties 1-3 above covered by the app.

👉Many QuickStart owners still meet their first-time drivers as they are more likely to come back--more than half of our growing base of drivers are repeat customers!

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