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What is a Good Owner?
What is a Good Owner?

What are my responsibilities as a hiyacar business partner?

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By listing your car on the hiyacar platform you become a trusted business partner! The most important principle is to keep your promise to our mutual customer -- the driver.

A Good Owner:

βœ… Always turns up to a confirmed booking (non-QuickStart cars)

πŸš™ Has their car in the location promised to the driver when it was booked

🀝 Responds promptly to drivers’ messages and is helpful and polite

πŸ“„ Regularly checks that Tax, MOT and Insurance are up to date

🧼 Keeps their car clean and tidy

πŸ”§ Does regular roadworthiness checks to ensure it’s fit to drive (tyres all good, no warning lights on in the dash)

⌚ Strives to accept all booking requests promptly

⏳ Does not let booking requests expire (non-InstantBook)

❌ Never cancels a confirmed booking without a reasonable explanation communicated to the driver, especially within 24 hours of the start time

πŸ“’ Makes any damage claims within 24 hours of booking completion

❗ Always keeps all bookings on the platform (the driver is uninsured otherwise)

We hope that these make our terms and conditions a little easier to read. Hiyacar reserves the right to suspend owners and charge fees as per these terms and conditions.

Any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or email and thank you for being a part of what makes hiyacar special to drivers!

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