• How does hiyacar verify drivers?
    - We put prospective drivers through a 7-layer identity verification process to verify identity, licence validity, minimum age (23), and many other factors that indicate drivers which are more likely to be respectful of our owners and their cars.


  • What are my responsibilities as an Owner?
    - For the safety of our members, we ask you to always make sure your car is roadworthy (mechanically functioning).
    - Keep your car clean with a full tank of fuel if possible.
    - Know how our system works and help drivers understand things in advance that prevent problems where possible
    - Respond promptly to drivers' questions.
    - Keep your calendar up to date to make honest representations to drivers about your car’s availability
    - Accept all of your booking requests in principle, but contact us if you can’t for some reason
    - Help hiyacar learn and improve to be better for drivers and better for owners!

  • What's the Pick-up & Drop-off Process?
    - Drivers will pick up and return the car to your specified location.
    -- If you don't have Quickstart installed you would hand the keys to the driver in person and check their Drivers’ Licence.
    -- With Quickstart our app does driver face recognition and car unlocking automatically (which makes meeting a driver optional for owners).
    - To validate the car’s insurance, drivers need to use the hiyacar app to take pictures of the car's condition and fuel / mileage levels before and after the booking.
    - For more information please contact us.


  • What if my car returns dirtier than at pickup?
    - Send us a note via our Claims process within 24 hours after the booking is completed and we will take action quickly.

  • What about Covid19?
    - Keep antibacterial wipes in your car so that drivers can wipe over the surfaces before and after each booking.


  • If you receive a parking ticket or a congestion charge, you won’t be liable for these - we just ask you to upload an image via the PCN claims link. We then immediately attempt to charge the driver, and if successful, we will transfer the cost of the PCN to you so you can pay the fine


  • What if my car is damaged following a booking?
    - Send us a note via our Claims process within 24 hours after the booking is completed and we will take action quickly.
    - Read more about our Wear & tear policy.


  • How does the insurance work?
    - Your car must always be insured, however our insurance overrides yours during a booking. Read more about it here.

  • What's covered and what's not?
    - Our insurance covers your vehicle for up to £40,000, and if there is a third party property damage we cover that up to £20,000,000. It also covers accidents and theft. However, it would not cover theft if keys were left in the vehicle. The insurance also doesn't cover loss or damage due to incorrect fuel being used, or if the vehicle is driven if it's SORN or without MOT. For more extensive information on this please refer to this article.


  • What share of the rental fee do I receive?
    - You will receive 70% of the rental fee to start. In the app you will be shown what you can do to earn a greater share over time. It’s all about doing what matters to drivers.

  • How can I get to the next tier?
    The next tier requires you to:
    - Accept 80% or more booking requests
    - Have a price within the range we suggest (based on our research of demand)
    - Achieve an average review score of 4.5* or higher
    - Complete 3 bookings

  • When will I receive payments from bookings?
    - We make a bank transfer to your registered account--depending on your bank it usually takes 4-7 working days to appear in your account.


  • Our cancellation policy is simple - both you and the driver can cancel a booking 24hrs prior to the start date without charges. However, if you don't keep your booking promise then you will be charged for cancelling within 24hrs of the start time. If the driver cancels within 24hrs of the start you will receive part of your payment.


  • We are more than happy to have our keyless technology Quickstart installed into your car for free should you be willing to meet all the criteria: have the box installed for a minimum of 6 months, keep your acceptance rate at 70%+, keep your calendar at 50%+ availability. Please click here and complete the section at the bottom of the page to confirm that you are happy to agree to the above:


  • Responsiveness

  • Install QuickStart

  • Put InstantBook on

  • Strive to become a Top Owner

  • Reduce your price to match our suggested rates

  • Add description to your car as well as any specific instructions you may have

  • Get our Owner Welcome pack which includes several props like car outside and inside stickers for more visibility, hiyacar hanger, charger, phone holder, and referral cards.

  • Use mate’s rates and share your discount code

  • Share your referral code

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