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What is instant book?

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🌟Instant book cars are more popular with our drivers, and appear higher in the search results 🚙🔝

What is instant book?⚡️

Instant book basically means that anyone that is a verified driver on our platform will be able to automatically book your car when it is marked as available in your calendar.

As such, it is very important to have your profile settings to match your needs to prevent any cancellation from your end that will later hurt your ranking in the search results:

  • Your availability in the calendar is up to date

  • Notice period set up to enable you to hand over the keys

  • Minimum/maximum length of bookings criteria set up

  • QuickStart installed to make the whole experience automated

How do I set it up?📱

Within your app 'My Cars > Click Car Image > Set Up > Follow Instructions'

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