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I need to cancel, is there a cancellation fee?

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We have refined our cancellation policy to make it as simple, clear and as fair as possible.

First of all, cancellation fees only apply to confirmed bookings. If a member's booking request has not been accepted by the owner (so it is pending), then they can cancel without any fee. 

Members (Drivers): 

If a driver cancels a booking more than 24 hours before pick-up, they will not be charged a cancellation fee and will receive a full refund for their booking automatically (it will take a few working days to appear in their bank). Likewise, if a driver cancels their booking within 30 minutes of making the booking the same rule applies.

If the cancellation is made under 24 hours before pick-up then a refund of 50% will be due to the driver. The Owner will receive their usual commission % on the remaining 50% of the rental fee.

If the driver cancels their booking after the pick-up time then *no refund is due.

*If the car is deemed unroadworthy by the driver at pick-up then hiyacar will look at that situation in isolation.

Partners (Owners):

If you have a car listed with us, then you are our partner, and we are in this together, giving the best experience to our members. With this in mind, we need to make sure that the experience matches expectations. If a partner cancels a booking more than 24 hours before pick-up, they will not be charged a cancellation fee, they will not be paid for the booking, and the driver will receive a full refund.

If the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before pick-up the partner will be charged a cancellation fee of £50. Hiyacar will retain £25 to cover administrative costs, and the remainder of the fee will be issued to the member as credits on their account. 

If the partner is not comfortable handing over the keys, then Hiyacar will look at that situation in isolation.

Please note: Cancellations made within one hour from the time of request will not incur any fees.

Administrative Cancellations:

On occasion, Hiyacar may need to cancel a booking. These cancellations and any associated fines are assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

If you have an enquiry about a refund or payment in regards to a cancellation, please contact us at, and we will review your request. 

For further information please see our full terms and conditions.

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