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Sometimes you might not want to charge a member the full price as they could be a regular or it may be your neighbour who you do not want to charge at all, but do want to know the car is insured. 

That is where Mate's Rates comes in. You can create a discount code for any value off your rental fee. You can share the code or web link with whoever you wish so they can get your bespoke discount. 

Hiyacar will still charge our commission to the member and the insurance, so your car is still covered by us in case anything did happen. 

💻Go to your car in your account 

🖱Click the Promote tab in the header

💸Choose how much of a discount you want to give and write a little message

📣Shout about the great discount by sharing the link, or sharing on Facebook or Twitter

How generous will you be? 😀

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