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Rent a friend's car with 'Mates Rates'
Rent a friend's car with 'Mates Rates'

How to rent a relative's car and still have a fully insured trip

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‘Mates Rates’ allows car owners to lend their cars to family and friends at a discounted price, making sure that all parties are insured.

In some areas of the UK where we don't have many cars to rent, reaching out to friend, neighbour or relative to rent their car can be an interesting option for you.  If your friend does not want to charge you for driving their car, but would feel more comfortable if the trip was fully insured, then Mates Rates is the perfect solution. 

Your friend can sign up, list their car and then create a discount code for any value off your rental fee. You can share the code or web link with whoever you wish so they can get your bespoke discount. If they wish to then share their car as a regular owner on hiyacar, that's up to them! 

Hiyacar will still charge our commission to the member and the insurance, so your car is still covered by us in case anything did happen. 

If you know someone that is willing to share their car with you, here's a link to help them set up their Mates Rates code. 

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