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Can lease cars be listed with Hiyacar?
Yes, our insurance policy does cover lease / HP cars but it is always best that you check with your provider first.  Our insurance will cover you for the market value of your car and will not include gap insurance. 

Does Hiyacar offer an option for drivers to lease a car?

Yes, as of March 2022 we are offering a brand new Lease to Share option! Lease to Share will allow you to get a car on a monthly subscription with no contracts. Not only that, the car will be 'car sharing ready', so you can rent it to your neighbours via Hiyacar and use your earnings to offset the cost of your monthly your car could end up being free or even make you money!

Some of the benefits of Lease to Share are:

  • No deposit

  • Monthly subscription - so no long contracts

  • One car can service your local community, reducing private car ownership

  • Share the revenue if/when the car is rented out

  • The car, insurance, breakdown cover and servicing are included

We are looking for a handful of people to trial this concept to help us get the proposition right, so if it sounds of interest to you please click here to get on the waiting list.

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