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Start your own car sharing community
Start your own car sharing community

How to recruit owners & drivers in your neighbourhood

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You've landed on this page either because your car is located in an area with little or no demand, or you've just searched for a car on our platform and found out that in your area, no owners are sharing their car!

That's a shame, but you can help transform mobility in your neighbourhood by recruiting new members... and get rewarded for it! Here's how. 

Referral code

As a hiyacar member, you can refer new drivers & owners to our platform with your own referral code. This code can be found in the app, under "Account" -> "Refer a friend" or on our web platform under ''Referrals'' once you have clicked on your name in the top right. 

For every driver referred, you will earn £5 of credit after their first booking and £30 for every owner referred that completes a booking.

Customised postcards

To help spread the word, we can provide you with customised postcards using your referral code. To order your own set of custom postcards, please reach out to us on Live Chat.

Here's an example of what these postcards look like for owners:

Any other ideas? 

If you have any other ideas to recruit new members, we are all ears. At hiyacar we believe that you don’t need to own a car to drive one, it’s sharing cars that keeps communities moving. You save money. Your neighbour makes a few quid. We all help each other live smarter. And we want this to be the case throughout the UK!

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