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Car sharing during COVID-19
Car sharing during COVID-19

Safety information for car owners and drivers

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We have given our owners guidance on how to keep their car clean and protect you as a driver whilst the risk of COVID-19 is still present but as a part of our community, we need you to do your part too. So what can you do?

First of all, let us know straight away if you test positive or develop symptoms when using or within 3 days of using a car. We will quarantine the car and make sure it is disinfected before any other drivers use it.

Maintain social distancing by going for a QuickStart car where possible: With QuickStart you pick up the car using your phone and don’t need to interact with the owner in person. If you do choose a key handover car then do a socially distanced handover. The owner should leave the key somewhere and move away before you collect it.

Give the car a clean, we have asked our owners to leave wipes in their car for your use but it's always good to take your own to make sure. When entering the car, make sure you wipe down the common touch points:

  • Door handles (In and out)

  • Car key & glove box handles

  • Steering wheel, gearstick & indicators

  • Seat Belt hooks & clips

  • Seat adjustment handles

  • Window & wing mirror adjusters

  • Rear view mirrors & visors

  • Radio knobs & screens

Most importantly, practice good hygiene throughout your trip. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or if you’re not near a sink, use hand sanitizer before and after each time you use the car.


Keeping your car clean during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the UK government advocating the use of cars we are seeing a surge in demand & we need our owner partners to do their bit in stopping the spread. Here are a few tips on sharing your car safely during the pandemic.

Let us know straight away if you have symptoms:

  • If you have used the car in the last 3 days and are unable to clean it: We will contact drivers and move them to another car. You won’t be charged any cancellation fees.

  • If you are self isolating and haven't used the car in the last 3 days, make sure you disinfect the key and do a shielded key handover by leaving the key out for the driver when they approach.

Socially distanced pickups: If you need to handover the car key, make sure you practice social distancing. Top tip: When the driver arrives, put the key in the bonnet or on top of the car for them to collect instead of handing the keys over.

Keep your car clean between bookings, here are a few tips on how to clean your car and protect your drivers:

Protect yourself - Wear gloves to protect your hands from any harsh chemicals & avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands. Keep your windows and doors open whilst you are cleaning to make sure you don’t breathe in any harmful chemicals.

Use a disinfectant: Make sure your cleaning products are designed to kill viruses - natural ingredients don’t have the power to effectively remove coronavirus from surfaces so opt for something containing bleach. Watch out for your seats, some bleaches can damage your seat coverings so make sure you take extra care around leather and fabric.

Focus on the major touch points:

  • Door handles (In and out)

  • Car key & glove box handles

  • Steering wheel, gearstick & indicators

  • Seat Belt hooks & clips

  • Seat adjustment handles

  • Window & wing mirror adjusters

  • Rear view mirrors & visors

  • Radio knobs & screens

(This isn't to say the rest of your car doesn’t need a clean)

Remove dirt & dust: Viruses can hide on all surfaces, this includes dirt and dust so make sure you clean your car thoroughly. That includes vacuuming the carpets, seats and roof-lining. Top Tip: Use an old toothbrush to get into all those little hard to reach places.

Keep sanitizer or some wipes in your glove box: We ask all drivers to clean down the major touchpoints after their hire but if you leave some wipes they are more likely to clean the car and make sure it's safe for you.


I am using a Pro owner or Car Club car, how is it kept clean?

We have always enforced strict cleaning regulations which are already well above industry standard & since COVID-19 shook the world we stepped these up. Our partners over at Dropless have been doing an amazing job at keeping these cars clean and since the outbreak began they have introduced the below enhanced steps:

  • Recyclable Gloves: A fresh pair will always be used for every car and customer.

  • Anti-Viral Disinfection: A rigorous wipe down of all the key touch points of the car is performed at the end of every clean.

  • Masks: All operatives wear face coverings throughout each service

It's not physically possible for us or our partners to clean a car after every individual booking & this is where we need you, our members, to do your part by following the advice set out above.

A driver has told me that they had coronavirus & used my car:

The majority of publications tend to say that the virus can live on surfaces for up to three days. If you know your car has been in contact with the virus then quarantine your car for at least 72 hours after the drop off. After the quarantine period you will need to give the car a thorough clean following our advice

I want a professional to clean my car.

If you want to leave it up to the Pro’s, our friends over at Dropless have got you covered. All Dropless services now include a sanitisation of all key touch points for free with every booking. For a thorough Full Disinfection service, it's just £15 extra on top of any service. Take advantage of some great discounts available exclusively to Hiyarcar users!

  • 25% discount for new users: hiyacar25

  • 10% discount for returning customers: hiyacar10

  • For regular bookings or for booking multiple cars get in touch with for up to 20% discount, just use the email subject line 'Hiyacar'

All pricing is available at

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