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Sending booking offers to nearby drivers
Sending booking offers to nearby drivers

How to offer your car to drivers that are looking for one

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When our members request to book a car, it is possible that the owner of the car they first picked is not as responsive as expected. 

We know that it is a relief for our members to get their booking confirmed quickly after they placed a request, that's why after one hour of placing a request, we reach out to owners with similar cars in the area to let them know about this booking opportunity. If owners in the area have set their cars on Instant Book, these cars get automatically offered to the driver.

How it works

If you were the first and only choice of the driver, that means you only have 1 hour of exclusivity to accept their booking. After that, other owners will be able to offer their car and compete to "win" the hire. 

On the other hand, if you weren't the first pick of the driver, you will now be alerted when there is demand in your area that you could service.

How do I receive booking opportunities?

If you are what our drivers are looking for, you will be notified every time there is unserviced demand in your area based on the following criteria.

Your car must:

  • Be located within 5 miles of the driver's first requested car

  • Priced at no more than £10 extra per day 

  • Have at least the same amount of seats

  • Have an automatic gearbox if the driver first requested an automatic car

What happens if I send a booking offer?

Once you receive a booking opportunity, you can offer your car to the driver or decline the opportunity.

If you send an offer, drivers will then be able to accept it or decline. If the driver accepts, the booking will be confirmed and you will receive a payment 3 to 5 days after completion of the trip, as per usual!

Declining opportunities will not impact your acceptance rate.

My car is on Instant Book, do I have to keep sending out offers?

The simple answer is no. If your car is on Instant Book and a nearby driver didn't get a reply from their first pick, your car is automatically offered to them.

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