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Owners: 6 responsibilities BEFORE PICK UP
Owners: 6 responsibilities BEFORE PICK UP

I have a driver coming to pick up my car in the future -- how can I prevent problems and make drivers happy?

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📣Before your car is picked up, REMIND the driver to download the hiyacar app and message drivers via the app to:

R - Return the car in the same condition. Remind the driver that cleaning needs to be done prior to drop-off, especially when the next booking is shortly thereafter. Owners prevent misunderstandings when this point is made clear to drivers. If something does not go well, you can make a claim within 24hrs of the end of the booking.

E - Extensions possible? Clarify with the driver whether the car needs to be picked up the next day, or right after their booking ends, so drivers know for how long they can extend. Any potential timing clashes, let us know and we will do our best to help.

M - Mileage and fuel. Mention how many miles are allowed and how much fuel is in the car. Drivers often prefer a full tank so they can easily return it that way (helping you and the next driver).

I - Insurance. Clarify that only the driver who booked is insured to drive (switching drivers after pickup is also unlawful and voids the insurance).

N - Notify the driver about the cancellation policy or any other helpful details or policy of interest to them. A simple message such as: "Just so you’re aware, cancellation is free 24h prior to pickup time, 50% after that until pickup time, 100% after pickup time", goes a long way to prevent problems.

D - Drivers’ Licence. For key handover pickups (not Quickstart), message the driver well ahead of the booking that you'll need to check their licence to confirm that they are the driver who booked.

There is more information at our help pages that can help you and our common customer--the driver--prepare for the booking. Feel free to get in touch via the live chat should you need any help, especially with your first few bookings!

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