Receiving booking offers

How our owners can offer their car to you when you need one

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When you send a request to book a car, it is possible that the owner won't be as responsive as you expected. We know that it is a relief for our members to get their booking confirmed quickly after they placed a request.

If the owner of the car you had picked hasn't replied to your booking request after one hour, we will let other owners in the area know that you are looking for a car. They will then be able to offer you their car.

Similar cars criteria

Here's how we pick owners that can offer their cars:

Their car must:

  • Be located within 5 miles of the first requested car

  • Priced at no more than £10 extra per day

  • Have at least the same amount of seats

  • Have an automatic gearbox if you first requested an automatic car

  • Not be a car that you have requested within the last 12 hours

What happens if I accept an offer?

If you accept an offer that you found interesting, all other requests you made previously will be automatically declined.

If the car is slightly more expensive than the first car you requested, only the difference will be billed on top of the amount that was already pre-authorised when making the request.

If someone offers you a car at a cheaper rate, you’ll only be charged for the booking that you decide to confirm.

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