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Owner Welcome Pack
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As a car owner you're an official hiyacar partner, helping us to make the hiyacar experience perfect for the drivers in our community. Listing your car and accepting bookings from drivers is providing real value to people who need to use a car but don't own one.

We'd like to send you a welcome pack which will help you promote your car in your local area and help to increase your booking requests and make you more money.

Here's what's inside the pack:

  • Large Car Stickers - Get your car seen! Some of our highest earning owners who are getting more than 10 booking requests each month have hiyacar stickers on their car. The stickers can be placed on the side, it's really quick to put them on and they are removable.​


​If you would like the full hiyacar branding as below, please request on the Live Chat and we can organise that for you!

  • hiyacar Hanger - (this is placed on your rear-view mirror so drivers have all the information they need during their hire). It's also a way to promote your car in your local area as passers-by will see your car can be hired out! ​

  • Referral Cards - is a personalised card from you which you can add your referral code to and pop into your neighbour's letter box. The more you tell people about hiyacar the more bookings and money you'll make! ​

  • Inside Car Stickers - By having these on your car, drivers can easily spot it when coming to pick it up. They'll also make your car more visible as a hiyacar.

  • Charging Cables & dashboard phone holder - Just a little extra to ensure drivers never find themselves out of phone battery and for easy sat nav viewing.​

If you'd like a free welcome pack, click here to request your items.

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