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Dirty / less fuel / more miles on return
Dirty / less fuel / more miles on return

What if my car is returned dirty / less fuel / more miles

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As partners, we are in this together, working with you to give the best experience to our members. Sometimes members can non-intentionally bring a car back less clean than it should be, with less fuel than it should have, or go over your daily miles limit.

We appreciate that this can be annoying, so here's what we do: 

🧽 If your car comes back in an unacceptable state of cleanliness, and is dirty beyond some small signs of usage, then please submit a claim to have the car cleaned. The driver will be charged for this and our standard cleaning fee is £15, although if the car requires more extensive or specialist cleaning then the charges may exceed this amount. If in doubt, please check our Cleaning Policy.

⛽️ If your car comes back with less fuel than the car went out with, please submit a claim and we will transfer the cost of used fuel (the member will be charged).

🛣 If your driver has exceeded their mileage limit, please submit a claim - our mileage fee is £0.30 per mile above the daily mileage limit for cars, £0.35 per mile above the daily mileage limit for vans.

What we need from you

When the car comes back and you feel that the member should be charged an additional fee you will need to go to the 'need to make a claim' link in the booking and fill out the very quick form. Once submitted with the information we need our claims team will process this for you promptly.

⚠️Claims need to be made within 24 hours of the car being dropped back, unless your car has QuickStart as we appreciate you may not be able to view the car until later. We process payments immediately but due to your bank it may take 1-3 days to reach your account.

⚠️Only submit a claim if you feel it is really necessary as our members will be charged. When cars get driven they may get a little dirty or the member may not get the fuel level spot on (you may receive a little more sometimes too) but as a paying member we want to give them a 5 star experience every time.

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