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  • A member is a verified person who wants to hire cars when they need one

  • A partner is person who is listing their car so they can hire it to people in their local area

  • Minimum age is 23 with 2 years driving history

  • 25 year olds need to have 1 years driving history

  • We do have a contact telephone number for general enquiries, see the 'Contact us' article

  • We do not take a deposit

  • Insurance excess is £500

  • You must complete your profile in full before you can request a car, including a profile picture and verifying your email address

  • Licence verification can take up to 24 hours and you will be notified once complete

  • Insurance will be shown at the checkout

  • Your bank will hold on your card the total amount of the booking request. If the booking request is not accepted or expires, your bank will make the money available again. This could be immediate or a few days depending on your bank.

  • Partners should respond quickly but if they do not then the booking will expire and you will need to make another request

  • For on-demand cars, try filtering by QuickStart® as these have our keyless technology solution installed so your booking is more likely to be accepted

  • You must be punctual. Picking up and dropping off the car on time

  • You will return the car with the same level of fuel and in the same condition

  • Pick up and drop offs are between 6am and 10pm only

  • To extend your booking go to the “Extend your booking” link in your active booking screen. Give our partners as much notice as possible (as they may not accept as need the car back) and make sure you have the cost of the extension available on your payment card

  • The Hiya Agreement is sent via email and does not require a signature. It will automatically be e-signed when the member has completed the pick up via the app

  • The pick up and drop off process must be completed via the app on each booking 

  • If you go over the mileage limit there is a charge for £0.20 per extra mile


  • Our insurance policy will supersede your personal policy for the duration of the hire period

  • Your car still needs to be insured, taxed and MOT'd personally to be listed

  • Cars need to be under 15 years old to be listed and up to insurance group 40

  • Cars deemed as 'performance cars' by our insurance provider will also not be eligible

  • Owners receive 70% of the rental fee unless they reach our Top Owner criteria where they keep 80% of the rental fee. 

  • To become a Top Owner you must have accepted at least 80% of your requests, have at least 3 bookings, have a price within the range we suggest, and a review score averaging 4.5*. 

  • The minimum miles p/day is 150 

  • Additional mileage is charged at £0.20 per extra mile

  • We can install QuickStart® technology into your car for keyless entry for hirers and tracking

  • QuickStart® cars are requested more and earn more money (and also means hassle free car sharing for you)

  • The Hiya Agreement is sent via email and is automatically e-signed when the pick up process is complete by the driver

  • Members record the pick up and drop off condition of the car via the hiyacar app

  • Alloy damage, tyres and mechanical faults are not covered by our insurance policy

  • Payments are automatically processed after the hire has been completed and may take between 3-4 days to clear into your account depending on your bank.

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