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How does it work?

How it works for Partners

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If you are looking to hire your car out to our members then we are partners as we are in this together. Together we need to provide a quality service that will keep our members coming back for more. All members go through 9 layers of verification include facial recognition and identity checks plus all bookings are covered by insurance (not your own insurance policy).

So here's how it works for you:

📝 List your car using the app or web and make your car listing and profile friendly and appealing 

📞 Have a phone call with one of our team so we can find out how often you wish to hire out your car, help you set your preferences to suit your needs and find out what really matters to you so we can be there every step of the way

⚡️ Are you aware of our QuickStart® technology? If not, we can tell you more on the call but once installed you will get more bookings, be higher in the search rankings and have additional safety tools like GPS and virtual key sharing

📱 You will receive booking requests for times that suit you which you can accept on the app or even via SMS

📸 Our members will pick the car up and return it from your specified location. They will use our app to take pictures of the cars condition before and after the booking.

🛠 Your car does need to be roadworthy, personally insured, MOT'd and taxed to be able to be made available on hiyacar

💰 As a partner you receive 60% of the rental fee that you set unless you purchase the AA breakdown recovery policy (£39 for 12 months per car, reduced from £207, which is cheaper than a personal policy!).

As a member, you will be able to hire cars from people in your local area. The quickest way to sign up and get verified is through our mobile app (iOS or Android). In fact, it takes only 90 seconds! 

💻 Enter your email address, scan your drivers licence and take a selfie. That's it. We will run some very quick verification checks to make sure you pass our criteria to drive and if successful, you will be able to request cars straight away. Play the video below to see how it's done. 

🔎 Enter your location into the search box on the homepage or app and see all the cars in your area.

 📅 See one you like, then enter the times and dates you need and make a booking request.

📄 You will see a breakdown of the rental fee, booking fee and your bespoke insurance premium. Insurance is calculated based on your age, driving history, type of car you are looking to rent and lots of other factors.

💳 Payment is held on your card when you request a car and it is only taken by us when the car owner accepts your request. If a request is not accepted or expires then the money will be released immediately on our end. Depending on which bank you are with it could take at least 24hours for the money to be made available for you. You can request multiple cars starting at the same time and we will only hold the money for the most expensive booking.  

🚙 When it is time for your booking, turn up at the location provided, meet the owner of the car, pick up the car using the app (for pictures of the cars condition) and exchange keys. 

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