What's a Hiya Agreement

What is a Hiya Agreement and what do I do?

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The Hiya Agreement is a contract between the member and the partner and is proof that our insurance is covering the booking for the hire period. Once the car has been picked up via the members app (see below) the Hiya Agreement will be emailed to both the member and partner with a digital time stamp. This means that no signature is required. 

Before the booking

With QuickStart®, your phone becomes the car key, so make sure you have the app downloaded before you go and pick up the car. Even if you are meeting our partner to receive the key, the app is still needed to pick up the car. 

At the booking

When you get to the car follow these 5 steps: 

📱 Open the booking in your app

🤳 Confirm your identity with a live selfie, just so we can make sure it is you (QuickStart® only)

📸 Take condition pictures of the car

️ The virtual key will now be downloaded to your phone and the car will unlock (QuickStart® only) or the partner will hand you the keys

⛽️ Take an interior picture and one of the fuel gauge 


Once the photos have been taken and the "Start My Journey" button has been clicked, the owner and hirer will both receive a copy of the signed Hiya Agreement by email.

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