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Using QuickStart during a booking

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Before the booking

With QuickStart®, your phone becomes the car key, so make sure you have the Hiyacar app downloaded before you go and pick up the car. 

At the booking

When you get to the car follow these 5 steps: 

📱 Open the booking in your app

🤳 Confirm your identity with a live selfie, just so we can make sure it is you

📸 Take condition pictures of the car

️ The virtual key will now be downloaded to your phone and the car will unlock 

⛽️ Take an interior picture and one of the fuel gauge 

If the QuickStart® car you have hired needs a key in the ignition then you will find this in the glovebox (and it must always stay in the car). If the car has 'push start' then start the car and away you go. 

From unlocking the car, you will see a 5-minute countdown to start the car before it will go back into safety mode. If you need longer or have turned the engine off you will need to open the booking in the app and tap 'activate' to restart the countdown. 

️⚠️The virtual key can only be used on your verified no switching phones once the booking has started!

At the end of the booking

Dropping the car off is also simple too as it is basically the same steps as above but in reverse. So....

📱 Open the booking in the app to end the booking

⛽️ Take a new interior condition picture and one of the fuel gauge

📸 Next, we will need new condition pictures of the car

🔒 Lock the car with the app after confirming you have taken all your belongings out and returned it to the same spot

️ You are all done, so please leave a review of your experience

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