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Cleaning policies are tricky. It's hard to avoid words such as 'acceptable' and 'significant' that are open to interpretation, and a vehicle that is considered to be clean by one person might be considered unclean by another. With this in mind we've done our best to make our cleaning policy as clear and fair as we can for all involved.

How clean should a car be when a driver collects it?

Our drivers are entitled to expect the car they have paid for to be in a reasonable standard of cleanliness when they pick it up, and for it to be ready for them to use. However, it is acceptable for the car to bear some small signs of usage, such as a small amount of debris on the floor mats, a small amount of mud on the wheels and sills, or some leaves on the exterior.

We are not a traditional car rental company and the vast majority of the vehicles listed on our platform, whether privately owned or part of our 'car club', are available to rent for as little as an hour at a time, so it is not feasible for each vehicle to be professionally cleaned between each and every rental. As such, while of course you shouldn't expect the car you've booked to be dirty when you collect it, we can't guarantee it will be completely spotless, either.

How clean should a car be when a driver returns it?

Drivers are required to return the car in the same condition that it was in when they collected it. We do appreciate though that drivers have paid to drive the vehicle, and it's very difficult to do this without leaving any signs of usage whatsoever, especially when the weather is poor (which, let's face it, is most of the time...)

As such, it is acceptable for the car to bear some small signs of usage after your trip, but please do be considerate of the car owner and of the next person to use the vehicle, and return the car in a condition that you would be happy to collect it in.

What happens if a car is returned in an unacceptable condition?

If a car is returned in an unacceptable state of cleanliness, and is dirty beyond some small signs of usage, then the car owner is entitled to submit a claim to have the car cleaned. The driver will be charged for this and our standard cleaning fee is 瞿15, although if the car requires more extensive cleaning then the charges may exceed this amount.

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