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FAQ's for drivers on all things fuel related

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What is hiyacar's fuel policy?

Fuel is not included in the cost of your rental, so whether you are hiring from a peer-to-peer car owner or using a hiyacar car club vehicle, please return the car that you hire with the same level of fuel as was provided at the start of your booking.

We encourage our car owners to provide a full tank at the start of the rental wherever possible as this makes things easier for everyone, but there may be some cases where unfortunately this is not possible - for example, if the previous driver did not re-fuel the car and there is not sufficient time for this to be done before your own rental begins.

If you are hiring a Car Club van with ‘fuel included’ as a feature, then fuel is included in your booking - up to the mileage stated on the profile of the vehicle. If you go over this limit there will be a mileage charge added after the booking is completed. The mileage charge is £0.30 per extra mile for cars, and £0.35 per extra mile for vans. If the fuel of the vehicle drops below 1/4, make sure to fill it up using the fuel card provided in the vehicle. You can find the PIN for the fuel card in the vehicle’s refuelling instructions.

What do I do if the tank wasn't full when I collected the car?

If the tank was not full when you collected the car, please just return the car with the same level of fuel as was provided to you at the start of your booking. Taking a photo of the car's fuel gauge is part of our in-app pick-up process, so you'll always be able to double check what the fuel level was at the start of your booking by opening your booking in the hiyacar app and clicking on 'pick-up photos.'

If the tank was under half full when you collected it and you don't mind returning it full, please do so and let us know and we will reimburse you for the extra fuel you've returned the car with. We'll definitely appreciate it - as will the following driver to use the car!

Please bear in mind that this applies to hiyacar car club vehicles only. If you are hiring a car from one of our peer-to-peer car owners instead then please do check with the car owner directly if they are happy for you to do this. If you are ever in doubt as to whether the car you are hiring is part of our car club or not, please just ask us.

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