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Administration Fees
Administration Fees

Admin fees on Damage, PCN, Cleaning, Glass, Mileage, Late return, Fuel,

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Administration Fees

Please review our policies and their related fees to avoid unexpected charges.

If you and the owner reach an amicable private resolution, no additional fees will be applied.

From the moment Hiyacar becomes involved in the processing of a claim, you will be liable to pay an administrative fee **Depending on the situation, additional fees may apply:

  • 💥 Damage to the vehicle: A fee of 15%, minimum £20 - maximum £150 will be applied. Based on the cost of Repair/Excess.

  • 🚚 If the vehicle is towed/Recovery: Due to negligence on your part (fuel error, lost keys, Flat battery etc.): you will be charged £70 - £200 for the repatriation of the vehicle.

  • 💰 PCN, FPN and Speeding notice: Fixed £40 Admin Fee

  • 💪 Cleaning: Fixed £20 Admin Fee

  • Missing Fuel: Fixed £20 Admin Fee

  • Late returns: All cars without payment for the extension carry a penalty of up to £10 for each additional hour the vehicle is late, plus a £40 admin fee.

  • 🚗 Excess Mileage: Cars £0.30 Per Mile Vans £0.35 Per Mile

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