For Members:

When you send a booking request on hiyacar, the payment for that booking is held on your card. If you make several booking requests for the same start date and time, we only hold the total of the most expensive request . Payment is only taken from your card once the booking request has been confirmed. 

Please bear in mind that if your booking is not accepted or expires, we automatically notify your bank to make the amount held on your card available again. Your balance update immediately but it can take 3-4 working days, depending on your bank. 

⚠️We are unable to accept prepaid debit cards.

⚠️Payment cards must be under the same name and registered address which has been verified on the driver's account.

For Partners:

As a car owner you will be paid automatically after the rental ends. In order for us to release your payment, you will need a form of ID uploaded to your account (e.g. driving licence or passport), and your DOB must be entered. Please upload a copy of your ID to the 'Licence details' section on your account. You can expect the money to reach your account within 5 working days depending on your bank.  

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