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Payment FAQs

  • We accept either debit or credit cards, holding a credit card is not a requirement of placing a booking with us

  • We do not charge deposits for any booking made via our platform, although drivers will be liable for an excess amount if the vehicle is damaged during their rental. You can read more about this here

  • We are unable to accept cash payments or pre-paid debit cards

  • When drivers place a booking the total cost will be comprised of the rental cost which is paid for the vehicle itself, the insurance cost (100% of which goes to our insurers), and the booking fee

  • Any credits that have been placed on your Hiyacar account can only be deducted from the rental cost, not from the insurance cost or booking fee


When you place a booking request with us, we will pre-authorise the necessary amount on your payment card. This means that your card provider will confirm the fact that you have sufficient funds or the available credit needed to cover the cost of the booking should your request be accepted, and the funds will be placed 'on hold' until we know the outcome of your request, which will reduce your available funds or credit by the cost of the booking.

If your booking request is confirmed, then the funds will be debited to pay for this.

If your booking request is not confirmed, then we will cancel the authorisation 'hold' that we have placed and your bank will make the funds available for you to use again. The length of time this takes to be done does vary somewhat among banks - it may take only a few minutes, or it may take several working days.


If you are due a refund (for a cancelled booking, for example) then this will be processed by Hiyacar, and the funds should be returned to you within 3-5 working days of your refund being processed.
If you need to check the status of a refund, or if you think we may not be aware that you are due a refund, feel free to get in touch via Live Chat and we'll be happy to help.
You can read more about who is eligible for a refund when a booking is cancelled here, and here.

Earnings for car owners

As a car owner you will be paid automatically after the rental ends. In order for us to release your payment, you will need a form of ID uploaded to your account (e.g. driving licence or passport), and your DOB must be entered. Please upload a copy of your ID to the 'Licence details' section on your account. You can expect the money to reach your account within 5 working days, depending on your bank.

Why have I been charged after a booking?

We reserve the right to charge drivers after a booking has ended for items they are liable for. For example, but not limited to, returning with too little fuel, misfuelling, cleaning, additional mileage, late fees, insurance excess and PCNs. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for full details of these.

We will always notify you of any charge we make and the reason why and will send any accompanying documents if needed.


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