If you are between 23-75 then check out our driver criteria below to make sure you are able to hire cars with us. We do not want to waste your time. 

🇬🇧 UK Licences

Drivers aged between 23-24 years old must have a clean licence and have at least 24 months driving history.

Drivers aged 25 years and older must have at least 12 months driving history and can have up to 6 points on their licence (in the past 5 years), though they may be referred to our insurance partner depending on the driving conviction. 

Who we cannot currently provide insurance for:

  • Anyone with an outstanding County Court Judgement

  • If you have ever been refused insurance, had a policy cancelled, had a policy voided or been quoted an increased premium or had special terms imposed

  • Anyone who has ever been convicted of or cautioned for any criminal offence of any kind or have any prosecution pending e.g. fraud, theft, acts of violence etc

  • Anyone who has been disqualified for driving in the last 5 years

How long can I book for?

If you have been driving for under 3 years then you can book cars for a maximum of 24 hours.

If you have between 3-4 years experience you can make bookings for up to 2 days in length.

If you have been driving for over 4 years than you can make bookings for 1 hour up to 10 days in length.


The quickest way to sign up and get verified is via our mobile apps. Watch the short video to see how 👇

For security, we will run our verification checks to confirm that you are who you say you are and live where you say you live so it is important to register with your most up to date details. If you do not, then you will fail these checks and that will stop you from being able to book a car. 

Cars you can drive

The types of cars you are able to drive are dependant on your age, driving history and driving experience but as a guide: 

  • Anyone 23 years of age or above can drive standard hatchbacks such as a Ford KA or Nissan Micra, standard saloons like a Ford Mondeo and small SUV's such as a Nissan Qashqai

  • 25 year olds can drive all hatchbacks, low - mid level saloons and coupes such as a BMW 5 series or Mercedes E class and large SUV's / 4x4's like a BMW X5

  • 27+ year olds can drive everything we have to offer depending on their driving history and experience 

🇪🇺 EU Licences

If you have an EU licence you must have a registered UK address and to have passed our criteria to hire a car.


  • Pass our standard identity verification checks

  • Have at least 24 months driving history if aged 23-24 years old

  • Have at least 12 months driving history if aged  25 years old +

Booking duration is the same as with UK licences above.

🌎 International Licences 

We are unable to verify drivers with international licences. 

If you have been living or driving in the UK for over 12 months, please apply for a UK licence and we may be able to verify you to hire car. 

Currently, if you do not have a UK registered address then you will not be able to hire a car. However, we are looking to open this up to residents of other countries sometime in the future.

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