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Off-Peak Discounts, Booking Fees & Repeat Driver discounts

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When renting a car, the price you pay is made up of a few important components, this article explains what they all are.


The rental price is set by the owner of the car, we give them guidance on what is a fair price for their location, car make and model, but it is up to the owner of the vehicle to set this price

Peak vs off-peak

Owners can opt in or out of setting peak pricing. It enables owners to charge less when times are quieter. Owners have full control over how much they charge on peak vs off peak days and you will only pay for the times you travel.

For example, if you book a car from midday Friday until midday Saturday, you will pay 12 hours off-peak and 12 hours peak.

  • Off-peak: Starts at 00:00 Monday and runs until 23:59 Friday.

  • Peak: Starts at 00:00 Friday until 23:59 Sunday.

Booking fee

Booking fees are what we charge to cover things like verification, the booking fee is based on the duration of the booking and is capped at a maximum of £40.


This does what is says on the tin, this is the price you pay for insurance throughout your booking. It covers you and any named drivers for the duration of your booking and it is made up a few factors which include things like the vehicle make, model, your age, driving experience and the location of your rental. The insurance you pay is passed directly to the insurance company.

Repeat driver discount

Drivers who use us regularly can benefit from an insurance discount (for life) - They are structured like so:

  • 2-4 bookings = 2.5%

  • 5-10 bookings = 5%

  • 11-20 bookings = 10%

  • 21-50 bookings = 15%

  • 50+ bookings = 20%


Don't worry, the excess shown is not something you pay for your booking. This is the maximum you would have to pay out if you are involved in an accident when driving. You can find out more about excess & premium cover here

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