Terms & conditions are usually long, boring and sometimes scary as you are never quite sure what you have signed up for, so as we are partners let's try and keep this simple. 

What are the standard charges? - (Scroll down for offers) 

Installation of QuickStart box: £150 

Removal of QuickStart box from car and key rebuild: £150 

  • Free if either of the following terms are met: You’ve had 15 completed bookings, you’ve earned £220 in hiyacar commission or you’ve had 10 months of eligible behaviour*

Cancelling an installation within 24 hours of your appointment - £54

Reinstallation due to tampering: £100 (Unless we can fix it over the phone) 

Loss of QuickStart box: £200

What do I need to know?

🔑 All you need is a spare central locking key and you’re good to go!

🤝 As a partner, we are in this together so we will only enforce charges if we really have to. 

🔍 The QuickStart boxes come with active GPS but we will only look at the location of your car on your request or when on hire. On that note... your data is in safe hands, we don’t sell it on or use it for anything other than your bookings.

⚙️ Our QuickStart box doesn’t play well with others; if you have a similar box fitted by another company it probably means ours won’t work, but check with us first. The removal fee (£150) will apply if you do not make hiyacar aware of this before you have our Quickstart box built.

🛠 Don't tamper with the device once it has been installed, it's not rocket science but it is pretty complicated so let’s leave it to the professionals. 

🤓 Don't try to copy the device, there are lots of patents covering the tech and it's taken us and our suppliers years to develop.

*What is eligible behaviour?

We are more than happy to remove your Quickstart box with no charges after 6 months of eligible behaviour, this means:

  • A minimum of £1,000 in completed rentals, or

  • At Least 50% calendar availability and,

  • At Least 70% booking acceptance rate. 

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We are more than happy to have our keyless technology Quickstart installed into your car and waive the £150 installation fees should your car be located within Central London (inside the M25) Edinburgh, Bristol or Brighton and you be willing to meet all the below criteria:

  • Have a minimum of £1,000 in completed rentals or;

  • Have the box installed for a minimum of 6 months, keep your acceptance rate at 70%+ & keep your calendar at 50%+ availability

Please follow the link below and complete the section at the bottom of the page to confirm that you are happy to agree to the above.

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