Should I go keyless?

Is Quickstart worth it? Take a look at how much owners with or without our keyless tech.

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Did you know that 87% of bookings that take place through our platform are on cars that are equipped with our keyless technology Quickstart? Quickstart is your passport to skyrocketing bookings and supercharging your income.

Not convinced about the value added vs. the cost? We understand that £15 monthly might seem a lot for some and quite the commitment. However, we'd like to share some data about earnings that might convince you otherwise.

In July 2023, on average, this is what the owners of these vehicle models earned with and without Quickstart in London.

Make & Model

Without Quickstart

With Quickstart

Ford Focus



Vauxhall Zafira



Ford Fiesta



Volkswagen Polo



Ford B-Max



Ford Galaxy



Vauxhall Astra



Fiat 500



Skoda Fabia



Toyota Aygo



What's more, our Quickstart technology offers you these amazing perks:

  • GPS tracking for peace of mind

  • Enhanced security via liveness detection & facial recognition technology at booking start

  • Remote access to lock & unlock your car from your desktop, and soon the app

  • Access to data about your voltage battery & fuel levels - and charging speed for EVs

  • And obviously, the ultimate convenience – no need to be present for key handovers!

Interested? Reach out to find out if you car model is compatible with our tech, and when our engineer can come next to get your Quickstart box fitted!


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