🔧 What are my options?

1. £50 off a “Full Service” which normally costs from £150 depending on engine size and the recommended oil for your vehicle. There is also an option to add an MOT for only £25.

2. £20 off a “Hiyacar Health Check”. This is a new service created in partnership with Kwik Fit for hiyacar owners and it will cost £30 after this introductory offer. (You can choose this if you don’t want or need a full service, e.g., if your car was recently serviced or is new)

Click on the relevant link to see what each option covers.

You’ll also receive 10% off any work needed to your car if anything needs actioning. If no work is required or if you address any work that needs doing, your car will then earn a Kwik Fit badge.

The Fully Serviced badge is valid for 12 months, provided that a Health Check is completed after 6 months. The Health Checked badge is valid for 6 months.

Click the link here to see a description of the Kwik Fit badges.

  1.      The condition of the vehicle is accurate only at the date and time that the service or inspection was carried out. Kwik Fit provides no guarantee nor accepts any liability for the roadworthiness of the vehicle at the point of hire. It is the responsibility of owners and drivers to satisfy themselves as to the roadworthiness of the hire vehicle

2.      Vouchers for discounts are valid until 31st January; vouchers can only be used for booking a Full Service (with the option of MOT) on Kwik Fit’s website

3.      Service related data can be shared back to hiyacar by Kwik Fit and vice versa for the purpose of verifying car condition and the award of a Kwik Fit badge

4.      hiyacar may remove any car from the platform if owners fail to address the issues highlighted by Kwik Fit as in need of immediate attention

5.      hiyacar reserves the right to deduct the voucher value from an owner’s account if the voucher is used for any car not live on hiyacar at the time of service

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