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Excess & Premium Cover

What is 'excess' and how much is it?

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When we talk about 'Excess' this is the amount that the driver has to pay before the insurance kicks in. 

For example, when you book a car, if at the checkout your quote includes a £1,000 excess, if you have an accident and the cost of repair is £2,500, you will need to pay the first £1,000 and the insurance will cover the rest. 

An additional Excess of £1000 is payable if a claim is not reported within 24 hours of it happening.

You will notice that the excess may change per quote and this is mainly due to the car type as well as other factors. So, if the car is of high value or considered a higher risk of having an accident then the excess will increase. 

Excess can range from £1,000 - £2,000 per booking. 

Premium Cover

We have introduced Premium Cover which you can purchase to reduce the excess by 90% 

Premium Cover costs between £12 and £15 per day and gives you added protection against:

  • Damage caused by road traffic accidents, fire, theft or attempted theft and malicious damage

  • Tyre, glass or damage caused to the undercarriage and roof

  • Misfuelling where the engine needs to be flushed (not mechanical damage caused by misfuelling)

Important: We are here to help you every step of the way and supply any information you may not have

This is hopefully a lot more palatable and takes away some of the anxiety of a potentially big payout. All we ask if you do have an accident of any sort is to report it to us quickly giving as much information as possible. 

Information we would need includes:

  • How did the accident happen

  • Where did the accident happen

  • If any Third Parties involved

  • If Third Parties, please take pictures of cars involved and the number of people in each car

  • Anything else that may be relevant to help resolve the incident quickly

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