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Emergency Services discount
Emergency Services discount

NHS, Fire & Police discount

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When we heard about the lengths our front line staff were going to during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to get involved and do our little bit to help slow the spread and protect our Key Workers. Throughout March, April, May & June we offered completely free car hire to NHS Staff, Volunteers & Emergency service staff. By the end of June we had given away about 5 years of free car hire, helping out over 300 front line heroes around London & Brighton.

Moving forwards we want to continue to support the amazing NHS and emergency services by offering them a discounted car when and where they want one. We need to do this in a sustainable way. A way that makes sense as a business. We cannot offer free car hire forever so instead we have created the below offers that hopefully show our appreciation whilst covering costs. The new discounts also allow us to offer this on a wider number of cars across our platform, so more choice for more people.


What is the discount?

15% off the rental fee for our car club vehicles and all participating peer-to-peer vehicles.

How do I sign up?

It’s pretty simple! All you need is an account with us, if you don't have one already then you can sign up here.

Once you are signed up, please get in touch by phone, Live Chat or email to send us proof of your employment and a member of the team will add the discount to your account.

How do I get the discount?

Not all cars are available on the offer but once your account is set up with the discount you will be able to search & book cars. Just watch out for the little blue NHS badge in the search results.

The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.


How does it work?

Your car will still be available as normal for regular drivers, but for any drivers that are eligible for the offer, we will apply the 15% discount to the initial rental price before commission so we split the discount.

For example if you have a car at £50 a day, you would normally make £35 a day. With the discount applied you would make £29.75

How do I sign up?

Get in touch by phone, LiveChat or email and a member of the team will put your car on the offer.

Can I opt out?

Sure, if you want to take your car off the offer, get in touch by phone, Live Chat or email and a member of the team will remove your car from the offer. You will still have to honour any existing bookings which were made before removal.

Can I get a car based at my workplace?

If you are based in London & want a car at your work to be eligible for a 50% discount then we might be able move one of our professional owners' cars.

If you know who is responsible for parking at your site please reach out to us via chat & we can work with the right person to park a car at your place of work for you and your colleagues to use at the 50% discounted rate.

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