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Which vehicles are most popular?
Which vehicles are most popular?

Vehicles that are currently popular on hiyacar

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We get asked this question a lot and it is a tricky one to answer as there are so many variables! These are our thoughts from our learnings so far. 

The majority of our rentals are by people who need access to transport and are looking for a cost-effective solution. This means that cars priced in the bracket of around £20-£49 per day are being rented out more vs our more premium cars. Common cars in this bracket include VW Golf, Ford Fiesta, Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Smart cars. Automatic cars are also proving very popular! 

7 seaters are also proving to be very popular and we can always do with more of those listed on our website. 

Obviously we do have many members of our community who prefer the premium cars for a special event or who simply prefer the more expensive cars and they can demand a larger rental fee but will be rented out less frequently, especially if they are not priced competitively. 

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