Our ‘Mates Rates’ feature allows car owners to lend their cars to family and friends at a discounted price, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, making sure that all parties are properly insured. As an existing car owner you can find this on our website, in the ‘Promote’ tab under 'My cars'. Here’s how it works:

  • You can create as many discount codes as you like, and remove them at any time. Each code expires in 30 days and can be used multiple times by one or many hirers.
  • Choose a percentage of the rental price you want to offer as a discount. The discount will only be applied to the rental price that you’d receive, that is, it excludes insurance and service fees & commission. If for example you set a 100% discount, you won’t receive any money from the bookings that use that code, but the driver will only pay insurance and service fees, and they will be able to use your car being fully protected by hiyacar/AXA.
  • Add a description — this is a good way to personalise or keep tabs on what you are using the vouchers for.
  • Send the code to whoever you wish, share it via email or on your social networks.

Our exclusive peer-to-peer insurance policy with AXA enables hiyacar’s model in the UK at a very competitive rate. Our daily price on average is just £9, and it covers both owner and driver. Our insurance policy with AXA supersedes the car owner’s policy for the duration of the hire. In the event of damage, for example, the car is covered by our policy and the owner’s personal policy will not be affected. For drivers hiring a car, the insurance premium is calculated per individual and displayed clearly at the checkout.

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