We encourage Drivers and Owners to get in touch with each other directly to ensure a smooth rental process, especially at the beginning or end of a booking. You can do this through the "Messages" tab on the web or via the mobile apps.

However, in the absence of communication from the late party and/or consent, the waiting member is entitled to enforce the points of this lateness policy. 

Late To Pick Up A Car:

The Driver is required to pick up the car on time when collecting the car key from the Owner. If the Driver is more than 30 minutes late and has not communicated the reasons for their lateness, the Owner has the right to cancel the booking and the Driver will not be entitled to a refund. 

If the Driver has been in contact to say that they will be more than 30 minutes late to collect the car, the Owner can decide to wait to do the key handover. If the Owner is unable to do so and the booking is cancelled, the Driver will receive 50% of their money back and the Owner will be entitled to 50% of the rental fee (minus our commission).

Late To Bring The Car Back:

If you're running late to return the car, you need to contact the Owner as soon as possible or inform hiyacar that you want to extend your booking.

To request an extension you will first need to contact the Owner to check this is OK, then simply send hiyacar a direct message via Live Chat with proof of confirmation from the Owner (e.g. a screengrab of the owners message), let us know the time you will be returning the car and we will confirm the price with you. 

You will be charged for the extra time you have the car (rental fee + insurance + booking fee) and then late fees may apply.

Late fees:

  • £10 per hour late-return (capped at £80 per day) 

You will also be required to pay for any fuel or mileage that is exceeded during the hire period. 


If you have not requested an extension before the booking time expires you will not be insured by hiyacar and as the driver you will be liable for any damage caused to or involving the car (i.e. damage involving third parties, property etc.). 

For further information please see our full terms and conditions.

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