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Hiyacar parked in your way
Hiyacar parked in your way
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If you spot a car which you think is out of place, check the below first and if it doesn't fall into one of those categories. Drop us a message!

Parked on the road

On a lot of occasions our Peer to Peer owners brand their cars to generate some more demand, this means that the car you see parked on your street might be owned by one of your neighbours.

Alternatively - if the car is one of our managed Car Club vehicles & parked on your road it will have a permit for the area issued by the council or if the street is free parking, the car is there as we have a high density of members.

If we are blocking a necessary bay e.g. a disabled bay, please let us know and we will move the vehicle as soon as we can.

Parked in your actual space

Apologies, sometimes this can occur by accident as we rent many of our spaces through parking providers like YourParkingSpace or JustPark. If this happened then please do get in touch with us via live chat and let us know the registration of the car in question, and the location or address it is parked at (please double check you're not renting your space out to us via one of the parking platforms mentioned above before contacting us).

If you rent your space out to us and you're not happy with the parking

If you rent out the space via YourParkingSpace, they have a dedicated team to handle our enquiries Alternatively contact us via our live chat, or whatsapp the number on your booking confirmation.

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