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FAQ's for Hackney Electric Vehicle Car Club
FAQ's for Hackney Electric Vehicle Car Club

Electric Vehicle FAQ's

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Hiyacar is helping provide Hackney residents with affordable access to electric vehicles, through a fantastic EV car club trial in partnership with Hackney Council. As EV's are a new toy for most of us we've answered a few FAQ's to help you along the way.

How much charge will the car have when I pick it up?

We aim for the cars to have at least 40% (80 miles) when you pick it up, if you want to know the exact charge, message our team on the Live Chat and they can let you know the live battery.

Do I have to recharge the car before I drop it off?

Return the car with any amount of charge but if you return it with more than you picked it up with and 70%+ we'll add £20 credits to your account to say thanks!

What charging stations can I use during the booking?

You can charge with a Type 2 connector, cables are provided in the cars, the car also have a CCS connector for rapid charging. Use Zap-Map to find your nearest fast charger (filter for 22Kw +).

How do I pay to recharge the car?

Hiyacar covers this, inside the car are charge cards, please use this for payment. Simply tap the card at any charge point on the Allstar electric charging network to start and finish charging. Allstar covers the main charging points:

  • Source

  • Franklin

  • Plug-n-go

  • Allego

  • ESB energy

  • mer

  • LiFi

  • Osprey

  • Hubsta

  • alfa power

Recharging process:

Ensure the car is unlocked and press the MG badge on the front of the car to open the charging port. Place the leads into the port and press the lock car in the app to start the charging process.

How long does it take to charge?

  • Rapid Charging Time - 22Kw

Rapid chargers will vary in power output, on average it will take approximately 40 - 60 minutes to charge the high voltage battery up to 80% using an average rapid charger.

  • Slow Charging Time- 7Kw

On average it takes approximately 7 hours to charge the high voltage battery from low battery warning to 100%.

Do I need to pay Congestion Charge & ULEZ?

As the car is electric you will not be charged for either of these.

What range does the car have?

The car has a range of around 200 miles at 100% battery.

Where do I return the car to?

Return the car back to its home location - do not park in a car club bay or charging bay.

Enjoy your hire and if you have any other questions ask away on the Live Chat!

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