We operate a fleet of cars on our platform on behalf of some of our professional owners such as Toyota UK and we call these cars “Car club” cars.

In some areas it’s hard to find local owner partners who can provide a car for their local community, so to fill that gap we park Car club cars in areas where we have more drivers than cars. These cars are deployed under a framework set out by CoMo UK. But what does that actually mean?


Unlike our Peer2Peer owners, these cars are not parked outside the owners house. The cars are parked in rented spaces, unrestricted on-street parking, or have permits issued by local authorities. This means that if you rent a Car club car and it's parked on a private driveway, we have rented that space from a local resident in a bid to support the local community.


Car club cars are cleaned on average once every 2 weeks (We have increased this during COVID-19) by our friends over at Dropless who use the latest eco-friendly, waterless technology to keep our cars squeaky clean. So remember, when you finish your trip, leave it ready for the next driver!


When you message the owner you may get a reply from one of the hiyacar team as we are the ones who look after the cars.

Maintenance and servicing:

All cars are serviced above OEM guidelines & we check the cars for roadworthiness regularly alongside cleaning.


To be eligible as a Car club car the car must be:

- QuickStart installed

- Instant book enabled

- Auto-Pay enabled: If you drive into the London congestion zone you will be charged the following month

- Be 100% dedicated to the hiyacar platform


How do i find these cars?

Watch out for the below badge in the cars profile.

Do you own the cars?

No, we only manage the cars on the owners behalf.

I own a fleet, can you manage it for me?

Short answer… Absolutely! We are constantly on the lookout for new fleet partners but we do have a lot of criteria which needs to be met in order for us to take on your fleet. If you are interested, reach out to the team at fleet.management@hiyacar.co.uk

I am an owner and i think a Car club car is impacting my bookings

We are constantly reviewing the local market around Car club cars to ensure that we give our owner partners the best opportunity to make the most of their local demand. If we see that enough owners list cars in an area, we will actually move Car club cars out of the area. If you think a car nearby is impacting your bookings, please reach out to the team via chat.

Are you an accredited car club?

Yes! We are a Fully Accredited Car Club recognised by Como UK.

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