Driver FAQ's - QuickCard Access

These FAQ's are for pool car users only that do not have access to a smartphone and use an QuickCard.

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How do I book a vehicle?

  1. 🔎 Enter your location into the search box on the homepage and see all the cars in your area.

  2. 🔎 Use the filters if you’re looking for something specific.

  3. 📅 See one you like, then enter the times and dates you need and make a booking request.

  4. Your booking will automatically be accepted and you will be able to view this in ‘My Bookings’ on the Hiyacar webpage, you will also receive an email with all the information that you need.

  5. 🚙 When it is time for your booking, turn up at the location provided, access the car using your personal QuickCard.

Where do I find my booking information?

You will receive an email with the below information as well as being able to access this in your 'My Booking's' tab on the website:

  • vehicle location

  • start and end time of your booking

  • vehicle registration number

  • any specific quirks of the vehicle

How do I access the vehicle?

  1. The location and details of the booking will be in your confirmation email and under ‘My Bookings’ on the Hiyacar webpage.

  2. Once at the car you will use your QuickCard to tap on the reader on the windscreen of the car to unlock the car. The box will flash blue for a couple of seconds to create the key and then green to unlock the car.

  3. Once unlocked you have 20 minutes to start the engine either by pushing the start engine button or using the key in the glove compartment.

  4. Use the card the same way to lock the car and then throughout the booking.

  5. It’s really important to not swap QuickCards as your bookings are specific to your card.

What is a QuickCard?

This is a high tech card that communicates with the vehicle when you have a booking on your profile. It locks and unlocks the car with a tap on the screen. Once unlocked you have 20 minutes to start the vehicle, if this 20 minutes times out just tap the card on the box on the window again. The card you have been issued is specific to your account, please do not share it with anyone else. The card will only work when you have a booking on your profile.

I’ve lost my QuickCard. What should I do?

Please let your Admin Support know about this, they can cancel and issue you a new card.

Can someone else book a vehicle for me?

Yes your Admin Support can place a booking for you, you will receive an email about the booking confirmation, vehicle details and location. You can also see this in ‘My Bookings’ on the Hiyacar webpage.

How do I amend the times of my confirmed booking?

  1. At the moment you can’t change the booking through the webpage but please message on the Live Chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner and our team can amend the booking for you or contact us on 020 3856 3180.

  2. Your Admin Support can also amend the times for you.

How do I cancel my confirmed booking?

You can cancel your booking on the Hiyacar website under ‘My Bookings.’ Please remember to cancel your booking if you do not end up needing the vehicle so that it can be used by another member of staff. If you do not pick up your vehicle within 90 minutes of the start time your booking will automatically be cancelled.

I need the car longer than expected. How do I extend my booking?

  1. You can extend your booking by contacting the Hiyacar team on the website Live Chat or calling us.

  2. Your Admin Support can do this for you. Make sure you remember to do this otherwise your QuickCard won't unlock the car once your booking has ended.

I have an issue during a booking. Who do I contact?

If you have access please message the Hiyacar team on the Live Chat by clicking ‘Help’ in the right corner of the Hiyacar website. Otherwise please save this number 020 3856 3180 in your contacts to call and we can be of assistance.

What if the car has broken down during a booking?

1. Let us know on Live Chat or by calling 020 3856 3180.

2. We will then provide you with the specific breakdown and recovery number for your vehicle.

3. If the vehicle needs to be recovered and you need a replacement vehicle it is important you tell the breakdown to activate the 48 hour relief vehicle option and they can provide you with a replacement car.

What happens at the end of the booking?

Please return the car to the location you picked it up, never take a pool car home even if you have booked for the next day.

Make sure to let us know of any damage that has been made to the car and take photos of this.

If it is an EV place it back on charge the instructions will be emailed in your booking confirmation for how to do this.

Make sure to take all your belonging and don't forget to lock the car!

How do I refuel/recharge the car during a booking?

Use the fuel card provided in the car to refuel, the pin code is on the card. Always leave the tank at least 75% full at the end of your booking.

Fuel Card lost/not working?

If the fuel card will not work, call All Star fuel card support. Telephone: 9am-5pm 0330 123 2511. If this option is not possible and you have the ability please proceed to pay for the fuel, keeping all receipts and then claim back through the Selenity Expenses platform. If you are unable to pay for the fuel yourself, please proceed with the pink slip provided by the garage. The pink slip should then be emailed to the Travel Office ASAP to avoid extra fines, please provide clear reasoning of why this option had to be used. Email

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