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PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) Process.
PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) Process.

PCN scenarios & Timeline

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The process we follow is we will immediately attempt to retrieve the funds from the driver if the PCN is submitted within 14/28 days of notice date and if successful, we will transfer the cost of the PCN to our partner so you can pay the fine.

(Please do not settle the PCN whilst the claim is being reviewed)

If charging the driver is unsuccessful or the notice has gone past the 14/28 days we will send you an email with an Authorisation letter and the Hiya Agreement so you can return the PCN and transfer the liability to the driver. This means the PCN is no longer associated with you and the time for the driver to pay the fine resets.

Unfortunately once the PCN gets to Charge Certificate stage your options are very limited as you lose all rights of Representation and Appeal. You will either have to settle the balance to avoid escalated charges or complete a Statutory Declaration. The Statutory Declaration is a sworn oath. You must accurately complete the form enclosed with the Order for Recovery. It must be signed before a commissioner of oaths (eg a solicitor), an officer of the County Court appointed by a Judge to take affidavits, or a Justice of the Peace (at any Magistrates Court). Once accepted by the adjudicator the fine resets to the original amount, Hiyacar we will transfer the cost of the PCN to our partner so you can pay the fine.

To submit a claim:

💻Go to My Bookings in your account and click the 'Need to make a claim?' link (web only)

📝Chose PCN for Claim type

📝Fill out the claims form with as much information as possible (Please upload a Scan of the PCN Letter)

💬Our claims team will review your submission and will confirm if we approve the claim within 5 working days (usually a lot sooner)

⚡️Once approved, the claims team will look to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Hiyacar Team.

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