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Penalty Charge Notices & Fines for drivers
Penalty Charge Notices & Fines for drivers

What happens if you get a PCN or a fine during your booking? Why do we charge Admin Fees

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The UK has a very special relationship with Parking Wardens & it is for good reason because in 2018, boroughs in London made a whopping £125,778,368.25 from PCN's alone! So with that much money to be made, it's inevitable that some of our members will get Parking Tickets or speeding fines during their bookings. Here is all you need to know about what happens if you get one.

What is a PCN?

We class a PCN as anything from a parking ticket, right through to a speeding offence. They come in all shapes and sizes, from local authorities all over the country.

What happens if you get one?

If you get a PCN during your booking then the council will notify us and we will charge you accordingly and notify you of this.

In some cases rather than charging directly we will process a "Representation" - this just means that we fill out some long, arduous paperwork for the council. Once this paperwork is complete, the council will then re-issue the PCN directly to you via the post to the address you have registered with the DVLA. It usually takes about 6 - 8 weeks for a PCN to come through the post. Whether a PCN is handled via direct charge or a representation will be at our discretion.

When we process a PCN (regardless of whether this is via direct charge or representation) you will get charged a £40 admin fee and receive an email from the team telling you the bad news.

Admin Fees - Why do we have them?

The paperwork involved with PCN's is extremely time consuming and is now a full time job for people in our team. The admin fee we charge is used to cover the cost of our administrators and we know what some of you are thinking... "You are just making a profit from these fees."

We do not make a profit from this admin fee. In fact, it doesn't quite cover the whole cost associated with PCN's but in a world where we can share cars, it only seems fair to share the cost of PCN's.


I got a ticket during my booking & paid it

If you got a parking ticket during your booking & paid it straight away then you don't need to do anything else. The ticket will not come to us and you wont be charged any fees.

I got a message saying I've got a PCN but i don't remember it

If you think you got a PCN in error, drop us a message. We keep a record of all the PCN's we process and can share the details with you so you don't have to wait for it to arrive in the post.

I picked up a car with a PCN on the windscreen

If you get to a car that has a PCN on the window or in the glovebox, don't panic! We know who had each car and when so all you need to do is throw the fine in the recycling bin and be on your way! We will take care of the fines directly with the local authority and offending driver.

You charged me full price for a PCN without doing a representation.

Some local authorities still don't understand car sharing & if you get a PCN (which does not carry any penalty points) in one of these authorities then they will not accept a representation and demand full payment from us. In these instances we pay the fine on your behalf & then send you an invoice for the full amount + the admin fee.

The fine is dates after my booking?

If you park the car illegally after your booking and do not follow the parking instructions listed then you are liable for any fines which happen as a result of your parking. - Remember to always check the parking instructions

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