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Penalty Charge Notices & Fines for partners
Penalty Charge Notices & Fines for partners

Parking tickets / congestion fee

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We appreciate that receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) after a booking is annoying. As a partner, we want to make sure that the hassle of car sharing is taken away so here's how it works: 

💻 Partners open the booking from their account and use the 'claim' option.

📸 Upload a picture of the PCN and enter the incident date and the amount of the fine. That claim is now logged against the correct booking and with the claims team.

️⚡️ We will immediately attempt to retrieve the funds from the driver and if successful, we will transfer the cost of the PCN to our partner so you can pay the fine.

❌ If charging the driver is unsuccessful we will send you an email with an Authorisation letter and the Hiya Agreement so you can return the PCN and transfer the liability to the driver. This means the PCN is no longer associated with you and the time for the driver to pay the fine resets.
⚠️️ We can only pay the original fine and not any additional charges that get added through a delay in paying, so do make sure you make us aware as soon as the PCN is received.

ℹ️ The process for speeding tickets is slightly different. Please add the driver's details from the hiya agreement to the relevant section of the Notice of Intended Prosecution that you've received through the post, and return it to the police so that they can contact the driver directly. If proof is required that your car was on hire at this time then the hiya agreement itself can be provided as well. Please do let us know so that we can inform the driver, and if you need a new copy of the hiya agreement or any other information we can provide this.

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